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John Guliak - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals/Kevin Murray - Acoustic Guitars/Gordon Gunn - Violin/ Mike Lent - Bass Guitar/Jason Kodie - Accordion/Daniel Stadnicki - Percussion/Mireille Moquin, Jason Kodie - Background Vocals


The Ballad of Roger Casement - Written by John Guliak

The river gave passage to Empire and enterprise
Nothing and no one could stand in their way
Those unlucky souls forced to join the campaigns
Wore the mark of Arana, were tortured and flayed
It was said you were better off dead
Than filling King Leopold’s baskets with hands
And 10 million would die

He pushed the river but returned to the sea
Hearts in darkness always recede (X2)

Back home in Ireland the English declared
That the Celts were a relic whose allegiance was theirs
Some fought back in parliament, others saw need
To ensure their voice through armed diplomacy 
Larne and Howth bore the luck of the Irish
While poor Roger Casement was doubly betrayed
And left on the Strand


Sent to the tower on the banks of the Thames
To be hung on a coma and shamed in your grave
Denied by Sinn Fein and shunned by Clan na Gael 
Abandoned by all in the Irish Brigades
Those who cared and stood by their word
Were scattered by scandal and muzzled by fear
When the minute bell rang