working my way back into music these past 5 years has been a pretty amazing journey. it hasn't been easy to let go of the career and relationship expectations that i've carried with me for a lifetime but i now can't imagine doing anything but creating and performing music - it's how i thrive. despite the motivation implicit in this fulfillment, it would have been difficult to carry on at times without the personal and professional supports that i have been lucky to receive:

1. Mint Records - despite no longer being on this label, my association with them has always been positive and supportive. i don’t think i could ever thank Randy Iwata and all at Mint enough for their support and generosity.

2. Banff Centre - i have been lucky to have been selected to attend The Banff Musicians in Residence Program twice now in the past 5 years. I have never felt so validated as a writer and performer as during these residencies - the space, resources, and support made available to me were all of exceptional quality. My stays at the Banff Centre not only resulted in several new songs, they also introduced me to some inspiring musicians, writers, and visual artists whose work will continue to inspire me for years to come. i can’t recommend The Banff Centre more highly.

3. Canada Council for the Arts - i am honoured to have received the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts to attend a writing workshop at the home of Linda McRae in Nashville, Tennessee. 

4. Rest for the Wicked - in 2018 i attended a 3 week residency in Brussels, Belgium where my room and board were generously donated to me at the home of Tandie McLeod and Ewout D’Hoore.