Got a pretty nice poster done by Travis Salty for my upcoming tour


John Guliak is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been performing original material for over 40 years. John's music contrasts the isolation of his prairie upbringing with his later experiences in the urban landscapes of Glasgow, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto. 

The songs that result from this perspective have been compared to those of other uniquely Canadian voices such as Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen. His whiskey and cigarettes baritone, described in Nerve Magazine as, "one of those character voices that should almost be trademarked," places him in the company of such singers as Merle Haggard, The Handsome Family's Brent Sparks and Rufus Wainwright.

In 2004, he released 7 Stories and 13 Songs, the second CD for Mint Records that follows his 2002 début, The Black Monk. In 2016 he self-released Fluke or Flounder which was produced by Paul Rigby. You can read reviews of all these recordings by going to the Press page.

John's live shows have been applauded for their honesty and intensity whether he performs solo or with his band Prairie Flounder that at any time will likely include some of your favourite local artists.

In 2015 and 2016 he attended the Musician in Residence Program at The Banff Arts Centre and also attended a 3 week residency at Rest For the Wicked in Brussels, Belgium in 2018.

February/March - Shows in Toronto/Nova Scotia/PEI - Residency in Nashville

I am very excited to announce a little trip out east and then down south which includes a show in Toronto at The Burdock with Jack Marks, a trip to Nova Scotia and PEI with shows with    Kim Barlow and Robyn CarriganI am then headed into the US for a little sight-seeing in NYC and then for a 10 day stay at my old friend Linda McRae's home in Nashville where I will work on some new and emerging material. My buddy bobby yiannakoulias did this great little animation for me.

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile - i've been working on some exciting projects and all shall soon be revealed. In the meantime please enjoy this video of myself and Jason Kodie (KODIAK) performing the song Dust from 2016's Fluke or Flounder. BIG THANKS to the multi-amicable Daryl Payne who wore all of the hats making this video for his home project: Feature Wall


Spring Tour is booked! Dates in Alberta and BC are confirmed for May 2018 for the 'In the Round and All Together' tour featuring myself, Jason Kodie, and Jody Shenkarek. Thanks to all the bookers and friends of bookers who helped me put this all together - your support and patience are really appreciated!

I am kicking off the new year in style earning a designation of "municipal treasure"  by The Edmonton Journal's Fish Griwkowsky in his year-end review of live music

January 11 - February 17 I will taking a little trip that has me playing shows in Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Brussels as part of an Artist Residency that I will be attending at Rest For The Wicked in Brussels - details to follow




Previous events


Fall/Winter Plans Taking Shape

i have some very exciting projects in the works; from one of my songs being featured in an upcoming, locally produced documentary, to collaborative writing and recording projects, attending a Workshop/Residency with Linda McRae in Nashville, and touring and…

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New Video for Roger Casement

Roger Casement, as performed by myself and Jason Kodie, June 4, 2017 and recorded by Daryl Payne and Jason Gordon at The Empress Ale House in Edmonton Alberta. i wrote this song while on a Banff Centre For The…

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New Video for Sail Away

last Sunday Jason Kodie and i sat down before First Orders at The Empress Ale House in Edmonton, AB and played a couple of tunes. Daryl Payne and Jason Gordon were there to capture the sound and vision and we…

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