March 15, 2015 - Post Gig

Just a quick little note here. Thanks everyone for coming out to my show at the Cask and Barrel this past Saturday afternoon - it was a beautiful day and I don't take for granted that you chose to come spend the afternoon indoors, listening to me.  It is always so inspiring to look out from my spot at the microphone and see all of you in various stages of attention; your smiles, hoots, and applause help lift my songs and performance to levels I can't achieve on my own.  This show was particularly enjoyable because the venue was licensed to allow children to attend so I got an opportunity to meet some of my friends' kids and even though some of their wee hands were over their wee ears at times, it was a real pleasure to have them in the audience.  I wish there were more venues like this where more mature folks can spend time with their kids in a mixed atmosphere that doesn't cater completely to what others might define as appropriate.

Thanks also to The Cask and Barrel for supporting artists with a nice little venue and real decent treatment, and to Brent Oliver for putting together this weekly event and doing everything from promo to bottlewashing when needed.  

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