Fluke or Flounder - Promo Video

i am one week away from releasing my new recording, Fluke or Flounder, and will mark the occasion (with a FREE SHOW at The Empress Ale House in Edmonton on Thursday night, September 22, starting at 9:00 pm) by sharing a wee promotional video with you today.

one of the suprises i had while putting this record together was on the visual end of things. despite having great difficulty drawing even the most rudimentary stick figure, i have a passion for the visual arts. i am particularly fond of portraiture and the art that came out in and around the World Wars - the German Dada and New Objectivity movements and the French Surrealist movement (despite Breton's 'leadership'). I also really enjoy the new work being done with Graphic Novels.

literature is another love of mine and much of the writing on Fluke or Flounder was strongly influenced by the work of Georges Bataille who wrote through the mid-20th century in France and who managed to out-surreal the surrealists - again here, almost anyone who rejected Breton during this period is a favourite of mine including Dali and Duchamp.  

yet another love of mine is sharing (talking about) what i find dear, important, or interesting. Bob Yiannakoulias was on the repeated receiving end of some of this chatter and in response to this drew up a series of what he called icons that he felt illustrated some of my thoughts.  i am really pleased with what he came up with and plan to exploit these images as much as possible over the next while to accompany my new release.  Bob managed to evoke the spirit of surrealist Andre Masson (who also illustrated some of Bataille's works) without even knowing it and i am really please with the work he did for me.

so, as another teaser for next week's release of Fluke or Flounder, please enjoy this wee video that was put together by my old friend Ben Mikuska, using the images of Bob Yiannakoulias and photos by Eric Newby, and with extra sound production by John Blerot. the music is taken from the track Ulysseus Never Sailed Saskatchewan from the new record - hope you enjoy

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